One question that I am always excited to be asked:
Why Belize? There are so many children right here in the US that need help?
And although, those are technically 2 questions, they are intrinsically linked.
So…Why Belize?
Well, aside from the blaringly obvious… you know, the whole Tropical Paradise thing, Belize has many many factors other just the climate and scenery that make it “special”
Let’s Talk Facts:
Belize has a myriad of ties to the United States that are at the core of their identity as a country, and have already firmly linked the 2 countries. So in many ways, our futures, successes, mistakes, and lives affect one another.
Language: The Official National Language of Belize is English. There are many other secondary languages spoken, and while over 50% of the native population in bilingual, English is the language spoken by most citizens as well as all Government Entities.
Currency: Belize does have their own currency, however the Belize currency is tied to the US dollar. (Two Belize dollars for one US dollar.) The US currency can be spent freely (without exchange) throughout the Country of Belize.